End of Season Regatta – 12/13 October 2019

Some 45 boats took part over the weekend for Horning Sailing Club’s End of Season Regatta on 12/13 October, making it one of the best attended events of the season.  Racing began Saturday afternoon on Hoveton Little Broad in light decreasing winds and overcast skies.  With over thirty boats on the Broad, it certainly felt busy and competitors enjoyed making the most of the final weekend’s racing.  It was particularly encouraging to see a very strong dinghy turnout amongst both the (very mixed) Allcomers B and Allcomers C fleets, and also a good turnout amongst the Cruisers, which saw a number of Production Cruisers join in with racing.

Sunday saw racing take place on the River and, despite an extremely unfavourable forecast, thankfully this did not seem to impact on turnout, with even more sailors participating in the day’s events.  Beginning with lights winds, these quickly built and it was very breezy by the afternoon, with just a handful of keelboats continuing to race into the final series, although the dinghies were not so easily deterred.  It did, however provide exciting spectating, with numerous capsizes – and the lead Laser taking an unexpected detour into the pens opposite the Clubhouse, before recovering well to finish third during the final race.

Top Reedling was Robert Hancock’s Siskin, crewed by both Holly Hancock and Will Penny, with four wins over the weekend.  Roger and Cari Hannant in Firefly were first Yeoman with three wins and a second, the final race won by Geoff Stubbs in Tara.  In the Rebel Fleet first boat was Rebel helmed by Kim West/Simon Moore with three wins, Lucky Rebel helmed by Gary Wright/Alex Humphries/Adrian Hammond was second, with just one less win.  Competition was also tight in the Yare & Bures, with Clive Gardner (Hairstreak), Alastair Fields (Rosy Wave) and Alister Bourke (Nevada Blue) all taking a win each, with two further wins from Ali in Nevada Blue, crewed by both Jamie Logsdon and Angela Childerhouse, being enough to secure the weekend overall.  Twenty dinghies competed in the Allcomers B and C fleets.  In Allcomers B there was particularly close competition between Ellie Edward’s Splash and James Galloway’s Laser, who counted three wins each.  Eventually the series went to Ellie, although strong competition also came from Edward Wildman (Laser), Toby Pearce (Laser) and Jack Copping/Thomas Wildman (Enterprise).    The Toppers were also extremely close, with a particularly fierce battle between Hamish Harmer and Abbey Penny.  However, ultimately Hamish’s three wins as opposed to Abbey’s two was for him enough to win the series overall.  The Production Cruisers were won by Brian Baker with two wins, whilst the Sailing Cruisers were won by Peter and Mandi Goshawk in Swallow.   Whilst the boats raced in fleets, there were also overall trophies on handicap for the best performances over the weekend, which went to Siskin, Firefly and James Galloway’s Laser respectively.

A VERY wet Sunday!

The torrential rain, gusty winds and widespread flooding in the Region had a significant impact on turnouts on Sunday, but five intrepid sailors made it out for one race Sunday morning.  Jack Copping was first, sailing Enterprise Timshel, with Edward Wildman second in a Fireball, and Preston Childerhouse third in his Laser.  With just one week left of Horning’s 2019 season, sailors are hoping for fair winds and warmer weather for the End of Season Regatta which will take place this weekend.

Thanks to Paddy Wildman for the photographs.

Club racing – 29 September 2019

The unfavourable forecast undoubtedly had an impact on the turnout at Horning Sailing Club over the weekend.  With racing on Hoveton Little Broad, it was a small but dedicated group of sailors who ventured out in the gusty conditions.  With the threatening clouds providing several sharp rain showers, it was exciting racing for those who participated, although the weather was better than forecast.  The morning Yeoman races were won by Roger Hannant sailing Firefly, with Geoff Stubbs in Tara second.  The afternoon races were won by Adrian Tooke and Clive Parkerson sailing Damselfly.  The Rebel morning races were won by Kevin Edwards in Rebel Maid ahead of Kim West in Rebel, these positions reversed in the afternoon.  Three Lasers battled it out in the morning amongst the dinghies, with races won by Edward Wildman, followed by Jack Copping, then Thomas Wildman in both races.

Many thanks to Jane Bowden for the photographs.

Open Dinghy Weekend 2019

It was a glorious weather for Horning Sailing Club’s Open Dinghy Weekend, seeing its best turnout for a number of years.  Over the weekend Toppers, Lasers, Splashes, Enterprises, a National 12, an RS Feva and a Norfolk Dinghy sailed on Hoveton Little Broad.  Saturday afternoon saw the start of the event with close racing in a moderate breeze, which provided exciting conditions for competitors.  With two beats on the course it was very much tactical racing.  Particularly competitive were the Toppers, with James Street, Abbey Penny, Angus White and Hamish Harmer vying for line honours.


Both Allcomers B races on Saturday were won by Edward Wildman sailing his Laser.  Sunday’s first race was won by Kevin Edwards crewed by daughter Pippa in Norfolk Dinghy Minnie, with elder daughter Ellie second in her Splash.  The next race was won by visitors Tim and Emma Hampshire in their National 12, having travelled from North Yorkshire to participate, with Jonas Osborn taking second place sailing his Laser.  The third race was won by Ellie, with Oscar Norris second.  Overall, it was Edward Wildman who won the Allcomers B Class over the weekend, taking the Onyx Barometer, Hannant Tankard and Tino Trophy.


The Toppers remained close all weekend, with wins from James Street (races 1 & 2), Hamish Harmer (Sunday race 1), and Abbey Penny (Sunday race 2) after James was disqualified for not having completed the race, with the results dependent on the outcome of the final race.  Eventually it was James who finished first, to win the Class Overall and the Cadet Cup and Kingfisher Trophy.


Four of the five Enterprise races were won by Jack Copping, crewed by Thomas Wildman, in Timshel, winning the Flying Enterprise Trophy, Cadet Trophy, Broads Area Trophy (for helms under 20) and the Flirtatious Cup for helm and crew, with the remaining race won by Kevin Edwards crewed by Oliver Childerhouse.


Sunday saw competitors joined by more visitors and the turnout peak at 23 boats.  It was particularly encouraging that, over the weekend, several sailors raced for the first time in sailing boats acquired during the previous week!



Bart’s Bash and Club Racing – 14-15 September 2019

Horning Sailing Club held their annual Bart’s Bash race on Saturday in light winds on the River Bure, with a fantastic turnout.  Some 25 boats, largely dinghies, making a colourful spectacle on the water.  With a great atmosphere both on and off the water, the emphasis was on taking part rather than winning, and competitors were also joined by the traditional Broads Wherry Olive crossing the line with them when passing through Horning.  Encouragingly, the race attracted a number of sailors who do not usually race to take part for the first time too.  After nearly an hour’s racing, on handicap the race was won by Roger Pettit sailing his Yeoman, with Abbey Penny, and sisters Anya and Zia Gittins second, third and fourth respectively, all sailing Toppers.  Fifth was Oscar Mitchell sailing an Optimist.  So much fun was had that a second race was requested, followed promptly by a third, for which the wind increased slightly which made progress against the tide a little less challenging.  With the fleets split for the remaining two races, the keelboats were won by Abi Tassie helming Yare & Bure Nevada Blue, and Roger Pettit respectively, both Topper races by Abbey Penny, and both Optimist races by Lily Herring.


Sunday saw Club racing take place on Hoveton Little Broad.  With variable winds there were some significant wind shifts which resulted in changeable results across the fleets, dependent on whether competitors’ tactical decisions paid off.  The Reedling fleet saw close competition, with Robert Hancock winning the first race in Siskin.  The second race was much closer, initially led by James Pettit sailing Osiris, until a gust took him wide on a buoy, which allowed Robert to overtake and lead the first lap, before a wind shift enabled Ezra Bailey in Jaws and James to sail past.  Eventually Jaws won, followed by Siskin, then Osiris.  The largest fleet of the day – the Yeomans – saw a similar amount of action, with the lead boats on the first lap sailing the wrong course, before unwinding to continue correctly.  Despite this, the first two boats remained the same, the first race won by Roger Hannant in Firefly, ahead of Geoff Stubbs in Tara.  The second race saw these positions reversed, with Paul Clarke third in Two C’Sons.  Both Rebel morning races were won by Kevin Edwards sailing Rebel Maid, with Gerry Hermer in Rebel Sailer and Adrian Hammond  helming Lucky Rebel second in each race respectively, the afternoon race won by Kim West in Rebel.  Three Lasers competed in the afternoon, with Jack Barnham and James Pettit taking a win each.  21/22 September sees Open Dinghy Weekend at Horning Sailing Club – with visiting sailors welcome.


About Bart’s Bash

Bart’s Bash is the largest sailing race in the World and the flagship annual event of the Andrew Simpson Foundation, inspired by Olympic Gold and Silver medalist Andrew ‘Bart’ Simpson MBE who passionately believed that everyone should have the chance to try sailing and enjoy the many benefits that it brings.

Junior Regatta and Downriver Race to Thurne

It was a good weekend for Horning Sailing Club with two events taking place.  Saturday saw the annual Junior Regatta as a culmination of the year’s training activities, with a Downriver Race taking place on Sunday.  Some 30+ young people took to the water on Saturday, racing across four fleets in a variety of boats from RS Fevas to Optimists.  As the winds increased racing became more exciting, but the focus was always going to be on fun and participation, with all sailing incredibly well during the day.  Eventually the Gold Fleet Trophy went to James Street with three wins ahead of Hamish Harmer, the Silver Fleet Trophy to Zia Gittins who also won all three races, with Ewan Baker second and Ella Middleton third.  The Bronze fleet Trophy went to Lewis Green with three wins in an RS Tera, ahead of Noah Coombes and Julian Mander, both also sailing Teras, despite tough competition from the Optimists, with the Beginners won by Lily Herring, ahead of Alfie Emson (second) and Zak Shimi (third), all sailing Optimists.  Awards for Effort and Endeavour went to Jenna Smith, Preston Childerhouse and Tallulah Reardon-Burr for their determination throughout the day.


Sunday’s racing saw two Yeoman, a Yare & Bure, four Rebels and six Cruisers make their way downriver to Thurne, starting from the Horning Waterworks in light winds.  However, once out of the trees the wind increased and provided quite challenging sailing, particularly after competitors had rounded the turning buoy close to Acle and fought the tide back up towards Thurne.  First Cruiser both to Thurne and the return leg to Horning was Peter Goshawk’s Swallow, whilst first halfdecker both over the water and on handicap was Geoff Stubb’s Yeoman Tara.   Next Saturday the Club is looking forward to being part of Bart’s Bash, the World’s largest sailing race, and to hosting an Open Dinghy Weekend on 21/22 September, an event visiting sailors are very welcome to attend.

The annual Yare & Bure Open and Club Racing

Sailors from Horning Sailing Club took part in three events over the weekend of 31 August/01 September both at home and away.  Whilst a team twelve young sailors enjoyed participating in the Broadland Youth Regatta at Hickling, back on Hoveton Little Broad a Yare & Bure Open was taking place, attracting 14 participants over the two days including four visitors.  Saturday afternoon was very breezy and saw Yare & Bures flying up and down the Broad in challenging conditions, whilst Sunday’s sailing was more manageable.  The first race saw Chris Bunn crewed by Niki Tansley take a win, and this winning streak would be set to continue over the weekend, eventually winning the overall event with four wins out of five races.  A first and two seconds were enough to secure Paul Carrington second overall in White Ermine, whilst Stuart Rix helming Cinnamon Twist was third with two seconds and a third.  Jeremy Tusting who sailed Yare & Bure Brimstone, and has been sailing Whiteboats for some 60 years, said “It was a very enjoyable weekend with exciting racing”.  Club racing took place on the River outside the Clubhouse, the wind varying from gusty to very light, with the biggest turnouts in the morning before the torrential rain and gustier winds hit.  Robert Hancock sailing Siskin won both Reedling races, whilst in the Rebels Kevin Edwards (Rebel Maid) and Amanda Barnes (Rebel Jade) took two wins each.  The Yeomans saw Toby Fields (Tanskey) win the first race, whilst Geoff Stubbs (Tara) won the later two.  A mixed fleet of dinghies competed, with Edward Wildman’s Laser winning both over the water and on handicap ahead of Jack Barnham sailing a Laser Radial, this pattern repeated across all four series.


Many thanks to Brian Baker for the photographs.

Club racing 25 August 2019

The August Bank Holiday racing turnout is usually quieter, with many members away sailing at Barton Regatta, and Sunday’s racing had a distinctly relaxed feel about it, taking place in brilliant sunshine on Hoveton Little Broad.  After a short postponement to wait for the breeze to fill in, racing got under way in very light winds, with the Broad, at times, resembling a millpond.  Thankfully the winds picked up a little in the second race, and then the sea breeze kicked in for the afternoon’s racing.


Although fleets were small, racing was intense.  This was particularly true in the Reedling fleet which saw the positions change places several times, and in the second race saw a close finish from the whole fleet, Kevin Saunders in Cockatrice overtaking on the final leg to win the race ahead of Stuart Bailey in Jaws and Robert Hancock in Siskin.  The Yeomans saw Geoff Stubbs in Tara win both morning races, Toby Fields in Tanskey winning the afternoon race.  There was fierce competition in the Rebels, with the first morning race won by Kim West and the second by Gerry Hermer.  It was also close in the dinghy fleet, no more than 10 seconds separating the finishers at any one point, with three races won by Preston Childerhouse in a Laser and one by Jane Bowden in a Wanderer.  It was a good afternoon for Preston’s younger brother Oliver, who helmed Kim West’s Rebel to come first during the Allcomers series, competing against both Yeomans and Yare & Bures.


Next weekend sees a Yare & Bure Open Event being held on Hoveton Little Broad on Saturday afternoon and Sunday – Visiting sailors will be most welcome.

A rainy Sunday’s racing

It was a breezy day for Horning Sailing Club’s racing on Sunday, with turnouts taking a hit after Horning Week.  Four Yeoman, three dinghies, one Yare & Bure, one Rebel and one Cruiser sailed on Hoveton Little Broad, with the Yeoman races won by Roger Hannant in Firefly and Toby Fields in Tanskey respectively, whilst the dinghy was won by Edward Wildman.  A torrential shower at lunchtime accompanied by strong gusty winds put an abrupt end to racing, with sailors deciding not to return for the afternoon series.  Next Sunday sees racing take place on the Broad once again, fingers crossed for better weather and a better turnout!

Thursday & Friday – Regatta Week 2019

Thursday of Horning Week signifies the Horning Town Open Regatta or – as it’s more colloquially known – “Spoon Day”, where competitors not only sail for trophies but for silver spoons (as an aside, does anyone know the origins of this tradition as I’d love to know!).  In complete contrast to the previous three days the winds started light and remained this way throughout the day – during the lunchtime race the river resembled a millpond!

With turnouts the best of the week, it was good to see some familiar faces back on the water, including Hugh Tusting in the Yare & Bures, Dick Angier and Paul Clarke in the Yeomans, Derek Gibbs in a Reedling and Ken Davies in the Rebels who, encapsulating the true spirit of Horning, took with him a cup and tea and sandwich onboard to enjoy during the race!  It was also good to see a number of visiting sailors, including from NBYC and Oulton Broad, one sailor practising a somewhat untimely man overboard drill with their crew on the river from their 470.

Many single race trophies were sailed for, mostly during the morning series, including the YBOD Bath White Trophy won by Toby Pearce in Moon Moth, the Rebel Lion Trophy won by Joe Brown in Rebel Rascal, the Ranworth Salver won by Jack Copping in Timshel, with the Cockshoot Salver won by Hamish Harmer in Crazy Days.  The Onyx Trophy for Reedlings was won by Robert Hancock in Siskin, the Landamore Open Regatta Trophy for the Yeoman morning race was won by Roger Hannant in Firefly, with Paul Clarke in Two C’ Sons second.

In extremely lights winds the Watermans Race for those employed in the boating industry was sailed for at lunchtime, won by Ellie Edwards in her Splash – beating a Fireball, Yeoman and White Boat over the water, with the Crystal Salver for Cruisers won by Paul Howes helming Melinda. The Second Horning Challenge Cup for the fastest overall during the lunchtime series was won by Jack Copping in his Enterprise.

Busy both on and off the water, it was also President’s Day, where Regatta President Anne Wagstaff laid on a reception enjoyed by all.  During the afternoon series the wind swung around 180 degrees, meaning that competitors sailed upriver on a beat, only to beat back downriver later in the same race.

The evening Water Babies race, which sees under 18s helm Keelboats crewed by under 21s, as always saw a good turnout, with young sailors taking control of Yeomans, Rebels, Yare & Bures and a Reedling.  After Jack Barnham, crewed by Izzy Barham-Brown, pulled out an early lead in Rebel H, he was overtaken by Toby Pearce and Jack Copping in Yare & Bure Scarce Copper, but both were overhauled by Edward Wildman and Oscar Norris in Rebel Rascal, who would eventually go on to win both the Water Babies Second Challenge Cup and the Richard Page Memorial Trophy, just 8 seconds separating Rebel Rascal and Scarce Copper on handicap.


Friday saw an unfavourable forecast, meaning that it was questionable as to whether racing would be able to take place at all, but the morning started relatively calm, although numbers on the water were somewhat diminished (perhaps due in part to the disco the previous evening!).

A win in the Reedling morning race secured the series Flight Trophy for Stuart Bailey in Jaws, whilst Kim West won both Rebel races and the Hermes Trophy overall.  It was a good day for Toby Pearce, winning two Laser races, and also for Jamie Logsdon with two wins in her Topper, taking the Partridge Trophy and Mike Evans Coronation Medal for her efforts.  Roger Hannant, with two wins in the Yeomans, won the Yeoman Trophy overall and the Judith Paris Trophy.

As the winds increased, numbers of entrants starting decreased during the day, with the afternoon cruiser race reduced to two entries, the race being won by George Brewis in Amantani.  Gusting 35 mph by the afternoon, this particularly caused chaos in the dinghy fleet, with plenty of capsizes and an Enterprise centreboard becoming casualty to the conditions.

By the evening junior dinghy race it was down to three entries in the increasingly blustery winds – eventually won by Jamie Logsdon in her Topper ahead of Edward Wildman, who came second in his Laser, and Preston Childerhouse third in his Topper, and the final boat to finish, receiving the traditional cannon firing to signify the end of the Regatta Week.

At the end of Horning Week, overall it had been extremely close racing all week with a good spread of trophy winners, no one sailor dominant.  All had sailed well during the week in challenging winds, but special mention must go to the fleet of young Topper sailors who went out in all conditions, amazing everyone with their resilience, camaraderie and determination, and keeping smiling despite numerous capsizes.