Horning Sailing Club Win the Broadland Youth Regatta for the second year running


It was a great day for the Horning Team at the Broadland Youth Regatta hosted by Waveney & Oulton Broad Yacht Club on Saturday 2nd September 2017.  Although a warm day, very light winds were forecast, but thankfully more wind than predicted materialised to provide perfect conditions.  The 8-strong team included 3 Toppers, 3 Lasers and 2 Splashes.  During the first series, despite being over at the start, Abi Holden fought back to first place in the Lasers, finishing first in a strong fleet.  Ellie Edwards in her Splash also recovered from being over at the start in the fast handicap fleet to finish in second behind the Norfolk Dinghy on handicap, with sister Pippa, also sailing a Splash, finishing third.  The Topper fleet saw the two Jacks (Copping and Barnham) and Toby Pearce finish extremely close together, all in the top third of the 22-strong fleet.   The second race of the morning was more challenging for the Lasers, but all performed consistently in the conditions.  In the mixed fast handicap fleet Pippa won from Ellie, whilst in the Toppers Jack Copping was overtaken on the finishing line to come in third.

After lunch everyone was set for more competitive racing, with two more races planned.  Abi added another first to her achievements, enough for her to win the Lasers overall, whilst Edward and Thomas Wildman continued to sail well in the fleet, eventually finishing with just one point separating them.  In the fast handicap fleet the competition between Ellie and Pippa intensified, with Pippa leading the third race until the final stretch where Ellie overtook to win, and a joint win with a Laser Radial secured her first in the fleet, with Pippa second.  Both sailed extremely well during the day, with neither scoring lower than a third place in the 13-strong fleet.  The Toppers also continued to perform, with Toby, Jack C and Jack B finishing 5th, 6th and 7th in the fleet respectively.

After racing a nervous wait ensued for the overall results, and the announcement of the team who had won the Centenary Salver.  After winning last year, the pressure was on for HSC, but with a strong field of competition it was going to be tough to win again.  As 6th, 5th, 4th and 3rd results were announced, the whole team were expecting HSC to be announced 2nd, which would have been a good outcome.  To everyone’s delight, 2nd was another team, meaning that HSC had won and retained the title, and – in the words of the day’s organiser – “by a considerable margin” – what a fabulous day!  All members of the team were fantastic ambassadors for the Club and we are very proud of them.  Many thanks to WOBYC for organising a great day and HSC’s support team.

Race Report 27 August 2017

Sunday’s sailing at Horning Sailing Club took place on the River Bure outside the Clubhouse.  Although sunny and bright, the day began with very light winds which proved challenging for competitors and the Race Officer alike.

The morning series were the most difficult of the day, with up to twenty minutes separating finishers in each fleet.  Despite this, Stuart Bailey sailing Jaws won the first Reedling race by the smallest of margins (one second) from Robert Hancock in Siskin.  Amanda Barnes was first Rebel home, sailing Rebel Jade, whilst the winning Yeoman was Geoff Stubbs sailing Tara.  As the winds dropped, the decision was taken to postpone racing until after lunch when the breeze was forecast to increase and, on cue, a gentle breeze kicked in, although it had swung 180 degrees in the opposite direction!  Stuart added another win to his day’s achievements, whilst the last race was won by Robert.  In the Rebel fleet, Gerry Hermer took the two afternoon races in Rebel Sailor, whilst Geoff won two more races to make it a clean sweep in the Yeomans.


Open Downriver Race to Thurne – 20th August 2017

Horning Sailing Club’s Open Downriver Race to Thurne attracted six cruisers and six keelboats to take part, including a visiting cruiser.  With a running start from Woods Dyke boat yard, it was a fast trip downriver, with first boat to Thurne being Peter Goshawk’s Swallow, first both over the water and on handicap, ahead of Gordon William’s Smuggler, with Rushmere helmed by Robert Harris third.  The keelboats saw the top two places go to Yeomans – Charlie Brown helmed by Gordon Jewell was first, with Tara helmed by Geoff Stubbs second.  J Coles sailing Rebel Chieftain was third.   As the wind dropped during the afternoon and the competitors were left fighting the tide, the decision was taken by the Officer of the Day to finish racing opposite the entrance to Ranworth Broad.  In the Cruiser fleet the return leg saw Amantani sailed by George Brewis first, with Swallow second and Rushmere third, whilst in the keelboats Tara was first, followed by Yeoman Lara helmed by John Rawlinson second, and Reedling Merlin helmed by Morag Jones third.

Club Racing – 13 August 2017

In contrast with the conditions seen during Horning Week, it was relatively calm for Horning Sailing Club’s regular racing, taking place on Hoveton Little Broad.  Despite some huge wind shifts which created challenges for the Officer of the Day, requiring a postponement after the afternoon series had begun, racing was fairly uneventful with competitors enjoying the winds, which were (thankfully) more than those forecast.

The morning series saw Robert Hancock sailing his Reedling Siskin take two wins in the growing fleet, despite being last for the first lap, whilst Toby Fields in Tanskey took two domineering wins in the Yeomans, finishing ahead by a considerable margin.  Alastair Fields and Kevin Edwards also won both morning races in their respective fleets, the YBODs and Rebels, with Edward Wildman achieving the same feat in the dinghies.

The afternoon effectively saw match racing in each fleet, with more mixed results.  John Means won two races in YBOD Painted Jezebel, and Doug Noble won the Rebel race in Rebel Rothay.  Toby Fields won the third Yeoman race, whilst Derek Jones won the Reedlings in Merlin.  Henry Means sailing a Tera and Edward Wildman won a dinghy race each, whilst Gordon Williams sailing Smuggler made it two first in the River Cruisers.

Friday Horning Week 2017

The final day of Horning Sailing Club’s Open Regatta Week, Friday, began with plenty of breeze, much as Thursday had ended.  With a packed schedule to complete given the number of races carried over from the previous day, the day started with some lively dinghy racing.

In the morning the Yare & Bures Fleet Captain called for a compulsory reef, and several Rebels also opted to reef, whilst the Reedlings unanimously decided not to go out.  With the winds thankfully not as strong as Thursday, racing was exciting but relatively uneventful, save for several capsizes and very determined sailing in the dinghies, and a broken shroud in the Yeoman fleet.

Several trophy races were moved to Friday in addition to those already planned.  First up was the Yeoman morning race for the Landamore Trophy, won by Geoff Stubbs sailing Tara.  Next was the Rebel Lion Trophy, won by Rodney and Philip Storey, sailing Rebel Rascal.  The River Cruiser Crystal Salver was won by George Brewis sailing Amantani at lunchtime, whilst Robert Hancock helming Siskin won the Reedling Onyx Trophy during the afternoon, after the entire Reedling fleet hastily changed back to full rigs given the dropping breeze.

The Allcomers C fleet continued to impress, with young sailors persevering in challenging conditions and enjoying the windy weather.  It was a good day for Amelia Dixon, with two wins in her Topper, whilst Jack Copping and Jack Barnham both also took a win each.  It was eventually one of this fleet who, in the judgement of the Regatta President, was awarded the Horning Challenge Cup for Outstanding Performance on Horning Town Open Regatta Day, it going to 9-year-old Abigail Penny who thoroughly impressed with her determination to keep sailing her Topper despite numerous capsizes!

During the lunchtime Cruiser race the wind began to drop as forecast and entertaining scenes ensued during the next series as one of the Rebel crews attempted (unsuccessfully!) to shake out their reef!  By the afternoon series the winds were extremely light, and despite rumour of 20mph winds returning, nothing of this scale materialised.

The evening saw the rescheduled Water Babies Race for helm under 18 and crew under 21 in Keelboats, and the Novice Race, both attracting a good number of competitors in the decreasing breeze.  The Water Babies saw five entrants sailing Rebels, a Yeoman and a Yare & Bure.  After a fantastic start, showing many of the adults how it should be done, Joe Brown, crewed by Anna Bunn, led from the start to win in Rebel Rothay, taking the Second Water Babies Challenge Cup and Richard Page Memorial Trophy for their efforts.  Two more Rebels completed the top three, Lucky Rebel helmed by Charlotte Hammond and crewed by Ellie Edwards second, whilst third was Rebel Rascal helmed by Alex Storey and crewed by Ellie Brown.   The Novice Race for the Mary Cup was also popular, with seven craft taking part.  Mo Jones crewed by husband Derek, sailing Reedling Merlin pulled away at the start to lead by a considerable margin, whilst Kat Posiecezk, crewed by Phil Montague, was second in YBOD Chalkhill Blue, and Moonmoth, another YBOD helmed by Chris Street and crewed by Hannah Flohr, was third.

Several series trophies were also concluded, but more on them later…

The week’s entertainment came to an end with a lively Bollywood themed night – and don’t forget, Commodore’s Day is on Sunday (tomorrow) from 3pm.

Thursday Horning Week 2017

Thursday’s racing for the Horning Town Open Regatta was cut short after the morning’s races as the forecast winds continued to increase throughout the day.  The wind was already blowing hard for the early morning dinghy race, with five Lasers, a Splash and a Topper venturing out.  A good tussle ensued at the front of the fleet between the Laser Radials of Edward Wildman and William Penny, before Edward spectacularly death-rolled, breaking his mast in the process, thus forcing his retirement from the race.  Although Will finished first over the line, it was Ellie Edwards helming her Splash who won the race on handicap.

By the first series the winds were consistently blowing 25mph+ and the decision was taken to split the keelboat and dinghy fleets on the water.  First to go were the Yare & Bures, the only keelboat fleet venturing out, with three compulsory reefs and storm jibs called for by the fleet captain for the five competitors.  First away and leading on the first leg was Paul Dennis helming Golden Copper, but on the second lap he was overtaken by Phil Montague sailing Chalkhill Blue, who eventually finished by a large margin to take the Bath White Trophy.  Once the keelboats were safety back the dinghies took to the water, with six Lasers, a Splash, a 420 and five Toppers sailing, providing exciting, exhilarating racing – and spectating!  William Penny in his Laser Radial took the win and the Ranworth Salver after doing well to control the boat storming downwind, with Edward Wildman, having hastily borrowed another rig, finishing in second despite capsizing.  In the Toppers only two of the five starters made it through the race to the finish, with Jack Copping taking his second win of the day and the Cockshoot Salver, and Izzy Barham-Brown second.   With the winds continuing to strengthen, racing was abandoned for the day.

The sailing was followed by an emotional presentation to Club Volunteer Instructor Paul Clarke, who suffers from Dystonia a cheque of over £1100 from the young team of William Penny (17), Chris Willis (17) and Henry Whipp (16) of the cheque from funds raised during the 2017 Three Rivers Race.  Just under £400 was also gratefully received by Horning Sailing Club’s Training Centre, where William and Chris learnt to sail.  With the winds forecast to stay strong for tomorrow, it seems likely that this will go down in history as one of the windiest Horning Weeks known to members.

Wednesday Horning Week 2017

Windy was the word of the day on the third day of Horning Sailing Club’s Regatta Week, with the line run by Norfolk Broads Yacht Club.  Although the morning started promisingly, with sunshine and gentle breezes, the SW winds soon picked up during the morning series, meaning that boats returning to the finish line on the final leg flew down the river on a run with vicious gusts causing spectacular broaches and capsizes.  Soon compulsory reefs were called for in the Rebels and Yare & Bure fleets, and several boats opted to take additional crew members.


By the afternoon only the hardy few ventured out, and only the dinghies and Yares & Bures completed all their scheduled races.  Along with the wind came rain, making the racing a matter of survival for many.   As the numbers on the water diminished, the number of spectators grew, along with the cheers and applause for successful mark roundings and righting capsizes.  Edward Wildman in his Laser added a further two wins to his week’s achievements, whilst mother and daughter Jo and Ellie Edwards also took a win each in their Splashes.  In the Allcomers C fleet the young Topper sailors continued to impress with their determination and perseverance.  Louis Parkerson and Charlie Broadbent both took a win before the fleet was joined by some of the older sailors who swapped to Toppers during the day.   With the YBODs the largest fleet of the day, Ron Jackson won the morning race helming Holly Blue, just seconds ahead of second placed Rob Jacob sailing Flame and Phil Montague in Chalkhill Blue.  Phil, electing to sail four-up in Chalkhill Blue, won the afternoon race by a considerable margin.


Tuesday Horning Week 2017

It was a somewhat calmer start for Tuesday’s racing than Monday had seen, but the breeze quickly filled in and built throughout the day to provide pleasant conditions.  With turnouts increased from Monday, the river felt busier, with plenty of sailors enjoying the sunshine.  The line was run by Snowflake Sailing Club, and the first fleet races of the day were lengthy, with competitors sent up and down the river several times.  Racing was noticeably close, with, on several occasions no more than a few seconds separating finishers.


Again, the Yare & Bures had a consistently good turnout, with nine taking part, the first race won by Ron Jackson sailing Holly Blue, the second by Chalkhill Blue helmed by Liz Goodyear.  The Cruiser fleet also enjoyed the sailing, with Peter Goshawk helming Swallow achieving a first and a second, whilst George Brewis’s Amantani had two wins.


The final races of the day, the scratch race for the Miras Tankards and Allcomers Juniors were some of the most nail-biting, with intense competition in the increasing winds.  Three Reedlings and a Fireball contended for the Miras Tankards, with the winner to be the first boat over the line.  Several (very tense) exchanges followed, with Derek & Mo Jones’s Reedling eventually crossing the line just one second ahead of Robert Hancock’s Reedling, with the next Reedling helmed by Stuart Bailey nine seconds behind.  The Allcomers Junior race was won by Lucy Drew helming Yeoman Firefly, with Alex Storey sailing Rebel Rascal just five seconds behind on handicap.

Monday Horning Week 2017

The first day of Horning Sailing Club’s Open Regatta Week began on Monday with a good breeze and sunshine, providing lively conditions.  The morning dinghy races were, as always, a good spectacle, with plenty of Lasers, Splashes and Toppers enjoying the sailing.  With the first race won by Ellie Edwards sailing her Splash, Roger Hannant, one of the slightly more mature sailors, helped coach some of the younger sailors round in the Allcomers C fleet by sailing his Topper, the race won by Louis Parkerson, before a call of ‘mind your head’ came a second too late and Roger promptly went for the first swim of the week right in front of the Clubhouse, much to the amusement of those watching.


As the winds picked up, the Rebel fleet captain called for two compulsory reefs, with a strong turnout of seven taking part.  It was a good day for Rebel H, which won three races, albeit with two different helms, Doug Noble and Kevin Edwards.  The remaining race was won by Peter Brown sailing Rebel Rothay.  More drama ensued during the day when the lead Laser dinghy in the lunchtime race suffered a broken mast, followed by a Reedling in the afternoon series hitting an underwater obstruction, stopping dead in the water and resultantly getting hit by a Yeoman.


The close racing continued into the evening races.  The Officers Trophy for present or past Officers of the Club was hotly contested, with a mixed fleet of Rebels, Reedlings and Yeomans taking part.  The Reedling of Robert Hancock soon pulled away to lead for the rest of the race, but became entangled when the River Cruisers’ course was shortened, meaning he had difficulty rounding one of the turning buoys and losing precious time.  With second boat to finish, Rebel H helmed by Kevin Edwards, not far behind, it was all down to the handicap, with eventually Kevin winning by just one second.  Meanwhile the Allcomers First Trophy was won by Robert Barham-Brown sailing Yeoman Tanskey, from Kevin Dixon helming another Yeoman, Aquadisiac.

Regatta Weekend 2017

It was a bright and breezy start to Horning Sailing Club’s Regatta Week, with the weekend’s racing held on Hoveton Little Broad, attracting over thirty entrants.  Saturday afternoon’s racing saw Robert Hancock sailing Siskin in the Reedlings take two wins, with Derek Jones sailing Merlin second, after opting to reef, whilst in the Yeomans Geoff Stubbs also took two wins, with George Whitefoot second in both.  Also achieving a similar feat was Kim West sailing Rebel in the Rebel fleet, and Ellie Edwards sailing her Splash in the strong dinghy fleet of five Splashes, five Lasers, an Enterprise and a Topper. Results were more split in the YBOD fleet with Ron Jackson and Paul Howes both taking a first and second.  The Cruiser race was won by George Brewis sailing Amantani.


On Sunday the south westerly winds increased, with some squalls under the clouds making racing quite lively.   Robert added a further two wins to his results in the Reedlings, whilst Geoff did the same in the Yeomans, Kim in the Rebels and George in the Cruisers.  Racing in the YBOD fleet was again close with Ron and Paul vying for the top position, Ron eventually taking two further wins over one further win by Paul.  The racing was noticeably close during the day, particularly as the wind picked up.  In one dinghy race, just 146 seconds separated all the finishers, the fleet size having grown to fourteen.   Ellie added two further wins to her achievements over the weekend.   The real drama ensued during the last race, when a Yeoman picked up one of the final turning buoys taking it a good ten boat lengths, with some dinghies still trying to round it!  In the increasing breeze, it was perfect conditions for the Laser Radials, with Will Penny and Toby Pearce both finishing first over the water and on handicap.  The Enterprise single-handed race was won by Jack Copping sailing Timshell.