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The Management Committee wanted to update you about what we are considering in terms of access to the Club's facilities. Clearly it's great news that the restrictions have been changed to allow certain water based activities, including recreational sailing, and the Club welcomes the news. The waterways are open and members now have access to their boats and the river via the Club, and it was good to see that a number of you went sailing over the weekend. Thanks to those that have been in touch with feedback since then. We also wanted to thank those there last weekend for adhering to the guidance, as being in such a visible position, it sets a great example to the village about how we can still enjoy the river, fresh air and exercise within the current restrictions.

However, we shouldn't forget that we're in the midst of unparalleled and fast changing times, and that the situation changed significantly, but very quickly last week, leaving us little time to adjust and respond. So as a Committee we are now doing our best to make sense of the lengthy advice and regulations issued by Government, RYA and the Broads Authority, which impacts on how the club can operate at the moment, and on what access to facilities we can give you. The health and safety of all our members is absolutely paramount, and as your Management Committee we take that responsibility very seriously. We have met roughly every two weeks (via Zoom) during lockdown, and have now met twice in the last 4 days to try to respond to your desire to get sailing again, but also to ensure we meet COVID-19 hygiene recommendations. You will appreciate all of us are volunteers and we are juggling this work on behalf of the Club with our existing work and family commitments.

So to speed things up, and on the RYA's advice, we have today established a smaller COVID-19 Working Group to consider a phased approach to how we can reopen facilities safely, including toilets, and about how this is best communicated to Members. This group will formulate a plan this week for the Management Committee to consider, and will also draw up more detailed guidance around our use of the club within the current restrictions and while they remain in place. But we take the view that we cannot open the facilities until we have done due diligence on this, which includes risk assessing our particular circumstances at Horning, where we have small toilet spaces and a number of pinch points. We may also require some minor works to be done to be safe, and there are also some practical issues to overcome, e.g. our regular cleaner is furloughed so we need to f ind an alternative. We appreciate the frustration for Members, but would really value your patience on these matters for a little longer. We are moving as quickly as we can, but cannot rush and risk getting it wrong.

So for the coming week the island is open, but the toilet facilities and clubhouse will remain closed. If you want to go on the water at the Club, we ask that you continue to take all necessary personal precautions over hygiene and the risk of infection as in current Government advice, including but not limited to social distancing. We will be in touch further soon, and assure you again of our best intentions to move forward on all of this quickly and safely.
With best wishes
Your Management Committee

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